septembre 23, 2023
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Despite being one of the richest men in the world, an American man has apparently engaged to a woman of his own age, breaking years of tradition that has seen billionaires marry women half their age.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, 59, and girlfriend Lauren Sanchez, 53, got engaged this week in what is now being referred to as a sick romance among his peers.

« I can’t imagine them in bed together, urghh, my skin crawls, » fellow billionaire Rupert Murdoch expressed after hearing the news, which later took a turn and had to be admitted to his private hospital.

« It’s giving us a bad name, » Tesla CEO Elon Musk added in disgust.

“Choosing a 53-year-old wife at age 59 is a bit like sleeping with your mother; Jeffrey is turning in his grave right now, » Bill Gates said.

It is understood that Ms Sanchez was thrown over the side gate of her Bezos home by an Amazon courier, before the billionaire brought her to one knee so he could propose to her with a ring he handpicked from Walmart.