septembre 23, 2023
Cork Lad let down Aperol Spritz is not Vodka and | europeanvespadays2022


YET another Irishman on holiday has fallen into the trap of thinking that Aperol Spritz is a refreshing and tasty drink: this time Cork man Danny Whelan, who is currently chugging the drink outside a tapas bar in Spain.

“I paid 18 euros for the fucking thing, so I’m drinking it,” Whelan grimaced, sipping the bitter and disgusting orange liquid.

« You walk around in this heat and you see people drinking these things, and they really look like they’re about to hit the spot and they look like they taste like Lucozade or gin & red lemonade or even Cork’s own beloved Tanora, but it’s pure and utter pissed ».

Shaken by his experience trying something new while in another country, Whelan vowed to only do things he knows he’s comfortable with for the rest of the trip.

“I’m going to find an Irish bar that sells Guinness and stew, and that’s all,” he said furiously, “that’s all I want from my holiday from now on; comfort and familiarity and absolutely no risk of doing something I haven’t done since I was born. I want Cork, just a little warmer – it’s a holiday.’

Whelan’s wife, Annie, who actually really likes an Aperol Spritz, was not asked for her opinion on the matter.