septembre 23, 2023
Dads luggage is just a big ball of wire | europeanvespadays2022


AIRPORT security officials have announced that pre-flight baggage checks are taking longer than expected these days thanks to men like Ian Malone packing every electrical cord known to man into their carry-on bag.

“They said remove all the iPads, the computers, they said nothing about the nine different charging cables or the 25-foot reel of cable I brought with me,” Malone muttered, annoyed at having to turn his carefully packed backpack inside out to prove that he had not been smuggling some sort of wired incendiary device.

“They even made me remove my flagship: my 8-gang tower with USB ports plugged into a single European converter. Charge any phone or tablet or Nintendo Switch while plugging in your hair dryer and straightener without buying a second adapter – I love this more than my own kids.”

Malone is just one of thousands of men who are put in charge of the cables when they go on vacation, leaving their partners to pack other non-essentials like clothes, passports, boarding passes, books, cosmetics, and « good sachets. » of you ».

« Shireen ma’am deals with stuff like that, while I get things like Kindles, CPAP machines, and the gimmicky box dongle that’s never worked on a hotel TV, but I’m sure there’s a first time for all. » Malone said, now waiting a week to get things connected to Wi-Fi and figure out why the kid’s Bluetooth headphones aren’t pairing.